Özgür Ersoy,

born 1977 in Erzincan (Turkey), started playing the Bağlama (a Turkish folk instrument) at eight years of age. He passed the entrance examinations in the subject of “Turkish Folk Music, Bağlama and Mey” for the State Conservatorium For Turkish Music at the Ege University in Izmir and studied from 1993 to 1998. He also got a five year state scholarship. At the same time, he also studied from 1995 to 1998 Pedagogy at the Faculty for Literature at the Ege University. He graduated both study paths in December 1998.

In January 1999, Ersoy came to Berlin and began working in a private conservatorium as lecturer for music. In 2004, he was a guest student for Jazz Harmonics at the Academy of Music Hanns Eisler Berlin with Mr. Björn Sickert, who is the president of the Jazz Institute Berlin.

Since 2005, Ersoy plays the Turkish instruments Bağlama, Duduk, Mey and Zurna in the Anatolian Jazz Orchestra. In 2007, he started working with the composer Sinem Altan, who composed “Mr. Sax in Anatolia”, which is specially made for saxophone, symphony orchestra, Bağlama and Mey. In the same year Ersoy became member of the ensemble Olivinn. In 2011 he had 2 performances -”Zauberhafter Orient” and “Die lange nacht des Fazil Say”- with world famous Turkish pianist and composer Fazıl Say in Konzerthaus Berlin.


2001 Filmlet soundtrack for „Crevetten“, book and direction by HFF Konrad Wolf, Petra Volpe

2003 SEEED – „Music Monks“, musical assistance

2004 Soundtrack for „Last Minute“ by Marina Caba Rall

2006 Soundtrack for the German television soap opera „Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten“ (Good Times,
Bad Times)

2007 “Mr. Sax in Anatolia“ Concert for saxophone, symphony orchestra and the Turkish

instruments Bağlama und Mey with the Bielefeld Philharmonic Orchestra

2008 “Türkisch für Liebhaber” (Turkish for Lovers) at the Neuköllner Opera House

2009 “Tango Türk“ at the Neuköllner Opera House

“Ayla, Alis Tochter“ (Ayla, Ali‘s daughter) in the Atze Music Theatre Berlin

Thomas Holm – „Wege“, musical assistance

2010 “Keloglan und die Räuberbande” (Keloglan and the Robbers) at the Radialsystem

2011 „Zauberhafter Orient“ in the Konzerthaus Berlin with Fazil Say

„Die lange Nacht des Fazil Say“ (The Long Night of Fazil Say) in the Konzerthaus Berlin                                                 with Anatolian Jazz Orchestra

“Keloglan und die Räuberbande 2“ (Keloglan and the Robbers 2) at the Radialsystem

Art director at the deLIGHTed music festival in the Atze Music Theatre Berlin
“Irgendwo auf der Welt“ (Anywhere in the World) by Werner R. Heymann to mark the
Jewish culture days in Berlin and in the concert hall “Berliner Ensemble”

Soundtrack for the German feature film „Tatort“ (Crime Scene) with Andreas Weiser

2011/12 Thomas Holm – „Begegnungen“ (Encounters), musical assistance

Scores of successfully gigs in Germany with the trio „Olivinn“ and the Anatolian Jazz Orchestra have been performed.

Özgür Ersoy’s repertoire includes Turkish folk, classic, jazz and modern music.